Rahuel Bois

We have been working with chestnut wood since the company was founded by Victor Rahuel in 1921

The area that we source our wood from extends form Brittany down to Paris.
Chestnut is a class IV wood that is both local and durable, while also being environmentally friendly and good for your pocket.
It is the perfect match for the aspirations of out company. As well as being flexible and naturally resistant to insects, rain and sea air, chestnut is very competitively priced:
in our local climate, it is one of the materials that ages best when used for exteriors, without requiring chemical treatment!



Creating new trends in wood

RahuelBois, a specialist in Chestnut and other local woods, designs and manufactures products for interior and exterior walls and floors. Established as a family business in 1921, RahuelBois is based around local traditions and networks, creating employment and wealth for the surrounding area, and continually innovating to offer the best possible products for building and improving properties.


The latest innovative product from RahuelBois is called Révélée, a new coloured finish range for our wood. Natural and durable, it adds to the appearance of the wood by revealing its natural beauty while also protecting it. Discover the exclusive range offered by RahuelBois, including Nuage Breton, Sable, Marsala and a wide array of other colours that are available upon request. Creating authenticity through free thought and imagination…


DéjàGris is an innovative product, based on supervising the chestnut's natural process of turning grey in our RahuelBois workshops. The silvery tone of our DéjàGris chestnut provides a standard colour from the moment it is fitted. This offers you an attractive reliable product that gives you peace of mind about the long-term appearance of the wood.